DOSECC partners with commercial geothermal, geotechnical and mining interests as well as the scientific community to solve critical business problems and answer pressing questions that impact our planet.

We Specialize in High-Quality Core Drilling

We obtain samples for study and analysis that helps scientists and enterprises to better understand the resources and conditions, both past and present. Our team approaches each mission with a rare combination of scientific depth, engineering expertise, global drilling operations experience, and sharp business acumen.

Why Clients Choose DOSECC

  • DOSECC is recognized for the highest standard of core sample quality. Our geological emphasis is driven by the idea that every millimeter of a core sample tells a story and holds critical data. Don’t risk your data to companies focused on cheap footage that compromises your sample quality.
  • DOSECC is geo-science driven. This offers a critical, unique understanding of the scientific, exploration, mineral or geothermal ramifications on every project is strengthened by a sound business approach. Clients appreciate the vast difference of communicating with a fellow scientist-executive rather than a standard driller.
  • DOSECC offers a complete, drilling solution including the engineering and fabricating new equipment when necessary. Our engineers are hands-on throughout the planning process, then have “boots on the ground and hands in the grease” during the drilling process itself for complete continuity and quality.
  • DOSECC is experienced in challenging environments requiring specialized equipment and extensive logistics expertise. While we are adept at the simplest drilling projects, we are uniquely capable of going places no one has ever gone to accomplish what no one has ever done.
  • DOSECC brings three decades of experience. DOSECC began in 1984 as a consortium of over 55 universities that came together with the purpose of creating a scientific drilling company that could carry out needed projects. As its capabilities grew, the company began to take on commercial sector projects in 2007 in the mining, geothermal and geotechnical industries. We now are considered a leading specialist in these industries while continuing academic projects.
  • DOSECC offers a proven safety and liability record. We are committed to protect our clients financially and legally while protecting their reputation. We operate in rigorous compliance with regulations and avoid costly errors that result from carelessness. We are fully insured (EMOD 1) and a licensed core drilling contractor in the State of Nevada (Lic No 0070141). We are registered with Browz, a third-party system for independent verification of client-specific safety compliance standards.
  • DOSECC has a strong project-management background that we apply in our fabrication and drilling activities.  In addition, we provide project management services for clients worldwide.