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IDRAS – International Drilling for the Recovery of Aquifer Sands

IDRAS Scientific Drilling Project Overview The International Drilling for the Recovery of Aquifer Sands, or “IDRAS” Project, is a current DOSECC scientific drilling project that requires DOSECC’s unique capabilities of custom engineering and fabrication of a unique drilling tool.  The DOSECC team was tasked with providing geoscience researchers the ability to drill core samples in soft […]

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Surtsey Volcano, Iceland

Dr. Marie Jackson, University of Utah Surtsey Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site located off the south coast of Iceland.  This protected island is recognized worldwide as a natural laboratory for investigating processes of rift zone volcanism, hydrothermal alteration and biological colonization of basaltic tephra, and development of industrial resources using palagonitic tuff as […]

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Lake Challa, Kenya

  Professor Dirk Verschuren, University of Ghent In late 2016, DOSECC will participate in the DeepCHALLA project in conjunction with the ICDP, the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program.  The project will  require our team to obtain core samples through open-water drilling on Lake Challa, a volcanic crater lake on the border of Tanzania and Kenya. […]

DOSECC Aquisition, Antarctic Exploration

DOSECC Exploration Services Acquired by Management Team; Announces New Antarctic Exploration Contract SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Sept. 17, 2014) – DOSECC Exploration Services, LLC (DES) management has purchased the company from DOSECC, a not-for-profit university consortium. DES designs, builds and applies innovative drilling technology for scientific and natural resource investigations. Under a new contract with […]