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Hawaii Volcano Observatory

A Geochemical Investigation of the Role of Recycled Oceanic Crust in Hawaiian Magmatism Amy M. Gaffney Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Investigations of the role of oceanic lithosphere in the geochemistry of Hawaiian magmas have generated two main families of hypotheses. One invokes ancient oceanic lithosphere that has been subducted, stored in the mantle for some […]

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Bear Lake Scientific Drilling Project

Paleoenvironments of Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho Scientific Drilling Project by DOSECC Core Drilling Services Joseph G. Rosenbaum, Walter E. Dean, and Marith C. Reheis USGS, Denver, CO Jordon Bright, Darrell S. Kaufman, R. Scott Anderson, and Gonzalo Jiménez-Moreno Northern Arizona University Steven M. Colman Large Lakes Observatory, University of Minnesota, Duluth Clifford W. Heil, Jr. […]

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LA Blind Thrusts

Los Angeles Blind Thrusts Scientific Drilling Project by DOSECC Core Drilling Services This scientific drilling project was conducted in 1997 by DOSECC core drilling services.  Southern California is home to several blind thrust systems and other principal faults, some of which are exposed at the surface and vary in slip rates and earthquake recurrence intervals. Read […]