Mr. Goranson is a Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Consultant with more that 35 yearsof practical experience in geothermal research, exploration, development and power plant operations. He has drilling experience in low temperature (205°F/95°C), moderate (350°F/175°C) and high temperature (600°F/315°C) geothermal fields. Mr. Goranson has experience in geothermal well evaluation, well test surface and subsurface equipment design and construction, data interpretation and numerical reservoir modeling. Mr. Goranson has managed geothermal exploration programs that included lease acquisition, permitting, fluid geochemical studies, geologic evaluation, geophysical data acquisition, slim-hole drilling, heat-flow well drilling, deep large-diameter well drilling, single well flow test design and evaluation, and multiple well flow test operations for geothermal reservoir evaluation. Mr Goranson has provided on-site supervision of construction and data acquisition activities related to exploration operations, geothermal production and injection well field design, power plant construction activities and reservoir evaluation during power plant operations. Mr. Goranson’s activities have led to the development of geothermal power plants and city heating systems at several sites in the United States. Mr. Goranson has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from University of California at Berkeley and a M.S in Civil Engineering from University of California at Berkeley (1975). Mr. Goranson worked in the Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) from 1975-1982 and was co-founder of Berkeley Group, Inc. from 1982-1985. He has been an independent geothermal reservoir-engineering consultant from 1985 to present.

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