custom metal fabrication



Have a creation you want made out of metal? You’ve come to the right place! We understand the excitement of developing a new design that exactly fits exactly your vision. Maybe it’s customized furniture or fixtures to add that special touch to your personal space. Perhaps it’s a custom tool, or the next trendy widget. We get that adrenaline rush that comes when you have that brilliant invention for something special you’re sure no one else has thought of before.



When it comes to custom metal and steel fabrication, DOSECC Fabrication, Engineering & Welding has decades of experience and can engineer your designs with precision, including sheet metal fabrication. Take a good look around and you’ll start to notice how many things you use everyday that are made up of pieces that have been specially fabricated from metal—car parts, light fixtures, clasps, musical instruments, hand tools, and so many more. Custom metal fabrication transforms raw metals by bending, punching, grinding, threading, drilling, shaping, stretching, and forming to create beautiful, functional, and uniquely durable pieces for your personal or business purposes.


The power of DOSECC comes from our proven team of experts that engineer the entire process to give you a finished product you can have confidence in.


Metals You can choose from:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Sheet Metal
  • Brass


What can you expect with DOSECC Fabrication, Engineering & Welding?


When you do a job right the first time, you save time and money. With DOSECC, your product doesn’t leave our facility until we know it will hold up to the job. You can have confidence in our certified engineers, highly trained team of fabricators, expert welders. You can also trust the integrity of our work when we deliver a product backed by unmatched integrity, precision, and the highest standards of performance.

Our 10,000 square foot facility is home to the latest tools and technology where we successfully bring custom metalwork to Utah, national, and global clients. We are happy to help individuals as well as private and public organizations.

Contact us today to turn your vision into a reality with custom metal fabrication!