We specialize in high-quality core samples both on land and water. We are trusted with challenging projects in even the most difficult demanding locations. We analyze and plan each project and apply innovative engineering that allows us to successfully complete projects.

Comprehensive Drilling Project Consulting

Drilling Operations

  • Wireline Diamond Core Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation and Air/Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Slim Hole Geothermal Drilling with Temperature while Coring
  • Lake/Shallow Marine Drilling with Soft Sediment Core Sampling and Modular Floating Platform Systems
  • Geotechnical Testing & Sampling

DOSECC offers an unsurpassed commitment to scientific integrity, core quality, safety, risk mitigation, to our clients and the environment. From the most basic project to an elaborate mission in the most difficult terrain, our experience is unmatched.


DOSECC does more than providing coring services. Our full-service solution includes the development of new equipment to meet new challenges, equipment fabrication, the execution of the projects, and subsequent analysis and reporting. While some of our projects are straightforward, DOSECC is known for creating innovative solutions for particularly challenging drilling projects. From concept to strategy to design and implementation, we provide a complete solution.


What was the Earth’s climate like a million years ago? This and many other discoveries about our Earth lie beneath the vast landscape of Antarctica. But this poses a significant challenge never before undertaken—how to drill through the mile and a half of ice to reach the bedrock below? How to protect both the equipment and the team in such a harsh environment while protecting the integrity of the samples?

This is where DOSECC’s unique capability comes into play, with the experience to take on such a project from the very beginning—the designing and construction of a system specific to the goals and unique locale of the project.

With a new, challenging goal, we may find the needed equipment doesn’t exist. If our wide array of existing drills won’t fit the bill, we then build equipment that does the job. New projects are requiring us to continually redesign, innovate and improve upon our systems—clients increasingly want to drill deeper lakes, go farther, and do more—and they know DOSECC is the clear choice in these situations.


When innovation is required to meet a new drilling challenge, our engineers and drilling consultants collaborate to create design specs and work with our industry contacts to build the equipment. In these cases, we oversee the manufacturing of the custom equipment using both internal and external manufacturing resources.


Drilling project logistics demand strict attention to detail and experience in everything that may happen on the ground. In addition to our proven drilling expertise, DOSECC understands all the ramifications in global drilling operations. Documentation, customs, government permissions, medical issues, insurance, satellite communication, weather, political situations, civil unrest, security against potential threats to an American-based operations, emergency and evacuation protocols—all of these have been considered, assessed and contingencies created long before we arrive.

In our foreign operations, we always have locals involved to help us build trust and increase security in the community. Then once we are in operation, experience has taught us to constantly assess the surroundings. We take nothing lightly and have the experience to quickly address any issues that can come up on the ground. DOSECC is uniquely trained to obtain quality samples in even the most challenging environments.


Every drilling project is about obtaining data for analysis. Drilling is the way we learn about our world beneath the surface. In addition to surgical precision to protect the quality of that data, DOSECC offers a wide array of analysis and reporting services. Our clients appreciate the one-stop solution we provide that frees them from managing multiple moving pieces in the project. Simply contact us to discuss your data needs.


In addition to global core drilling operations, DOSECC provides commercial clients access to its full fabrication facility, with complete engineering and welding services for architectural steel, custom metalwork, and vehicle modification projects.