DOSECC Equipment Fabrication Services

Frequently our clients require custom technology for their projects in order to obtain the geological data they need. DOSECC offers full fabrication services to build the necessary tools to get the job done.  Our engineering services team develops innovative designs to solve the specific needs of the client, then our fabrication team stands ready to bring those concepts from design to reality with our customized manufacturing process to produce new equipment as quickly and affordably as possible.

Fabrication Capabilities for a Wide Range of Needs

DOSECC has been entrusted with high-profile and difficult projects around the world, often in difficult environmental conditions.  Over the past decade, we have expanded our design, engineering and fabrication capabilities to help us carry out projects beyond the scope of what standard drilling technologies are able to deliver.  Whether we are drilling volcanoes, underwater comet impact zones, newborn islands, Antarctica, remote African crater lakes or just your average drilling site, we are recognized for our ability to not only deliver high quality core samples, but to build the technology needed to do so regardless of the conditions we face.  We also custom build any unique support technology required to transport the equipment into remote or challenging areas.

Bringing Tomorrow’s Tools to Life

Over the past 30 years, DOSECC has been on the leading edge of creating new technologies in order to meet the demands of a wide range of client needs across the industries we serve.  We actively participate in the industry associations and regular meetings to stay ahead of the changing scientific and economic landscape in order to deeply understand the needs of our clients.  This is why companies and institutions around the world have come to DOSECC not only to conduct the highest quality drilling operations, but to create the tools that will help them answer their most pressing questions.