DOSECC Equipment Engineering Services

DOSECC offers clients across the geothermal, geotechnical, mining and exploration, and scientific industries options beyond what is typically available with standard drilling technologies.  When the demands of a project require unique soil conditions or challenging environmental factors, our equipment engineering team works closely with our fabrication team to innovate new technologies that will successfully meet our clients’ unique needs.

Valles Caldera Scientific Core Drilling Services

Neither Snow nor Rain nor Heat nor Gloom of Night…

While we are not the postal service, DOSECC engineers have enabled us to deliver quality core drilling samples in some of the world’s most challenging conditions. We are known globally for our open water drilling capabilities and have completed projects in water bodies in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as island projects.  Many times the local conditions require not only specialized drilling equipment, but unique support technology to handle transport into remote and difficult to access areas.  Other environmental factors such as extreme temperatures require additional attention when designing equipment that will meet specific needs.

Innovating Tomorrow’s Tools

Over the decades we have been in operation, DOSECC’s engineers have designed and developed myriad new technologies to meet highly specific and diverse client needs. As a result, we have played a role in advancing drilling technology as a whole, making new discoveries possible that expand our understanding of the world in which we live, and even propelling the adoption of renewable energy sources forward.  A number of DOSECC-developed, specialized technologies have been acquired by other companies or have opened new avenues in other industries than those for which they were specifically designed.
idras geotechnical core drilling services

Case Study in Brief

The International Drilling for the Recovery of Aquifer Sands (IDRAS) project is an excellent example of DOSECC’s unique and advanced drilling equipment design and engineering capabilities, as it required the development a new type of core sample.  Scientists working to improve human health by studying arsenic contamination in the groundwater in various areas in Southeast Asia partnered with DOSECC to develop a new technology for their study that would allow them to pull core samples from water saturated soils.  It was necessary that the fluid would remain in situ in the sample, with both water and soil layered exactly in the sample as it was underground.  This presented a complex new problem in which DOSECC engineers were able to create a specialized drill bit and encapsulation system.  With our headquarters in Salt Lake City, we were fortunate to have similar ground conditions near the Great Salt Lake to successfully test the technology.  This new capability also will have geotechnical applications that can increase certainty and reduce risk when testing soil bearing.

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