As specialists in offshore sampling, we provide continuous core sampling along with CPT and SPT data. We offer geotechnical soil sampling with standard penetration and cone penetration testing and use of the Shelby Tube. DOSECC partners with MONTCO, which operates seven lift boats with legs ranging from 200 feet to 335 feet that serve as platforms for geotechnical investigations and construction of offshore turbines. As partners, the two companies conducted the sampling for the site evaluation of the Block Island, RI project.

DOSECC is a member of the American Wind Energy Association and actively participates in events and meetings.

DOSECC has been retained for privately-funded geotechnical projects around the globe.  While in many cases we are unable to share project details and are committed to upholding the confidentiality of our clients, we are able to provide references upon request. A few relevant or related projects we are free to disclose are shown below.

DOSECC Geotechnical Projects

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Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure

Chesapeake Bay Impact Scientific Core Drilling Services

Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure project, located in Virginia, a 2005 project that was NSF, ICDP, USGS-funded.

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Brazos River K/T Boundary

Brazos River, TX Scientific Core Drilling Company Project

Brazos River, Texas: Drilling the K-T and Chicxulub Event Strata Gerta Keller Princeton University   Project Objectives The main objective of this project was to drill the Cretaceus-Tertiary (K-T) transition in the Brazos River area in order to recover a series of cores that span the late Maastrichtian and early Paleocene, including the K-T boundary […]