DOSECC serves the geosciences community by planning and conducting scientific drilling projects and designing and constructing specialized drilling equipment for scientific applications.


Our international experience includes coring in modern lakes for paleoclimate studies and climate reconstruction, tectonic activity, shallow marine sampling, drilling to install monitoring equipment and deep coring for lithologic investigations, and general earth studies research.

DOSECC projects are contributing to research that is impacting how we understand our world, our future, and our daily life.

DOSECC works extensively with the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP)

DOSECC Scientific Research Projects

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LA Blind Thrusts

LA Blind Thrusts scientific drilling project, located in California, a current project that is institutionally-funded

Los Angeles Blind Thrusts Scientific Drilling Project by DOSECC Core Drilling Services This scientific drilling project was conducted in 1997 by DOSECC core drilling services.  Southern California is home to several blind thrust systems and other principal faults, some of which are exposed at the surface and vary in slip rates and earthquake recurrence intervals. Read […]

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Bass River Scientific Drilling Project

Bass River project, located in New Jersey, scientific drilling project

Bass River project, located in New Jersey, a 1996 project that was NSF (EAR and OCE), NJ Geological Survey, DE Geological Survey, USGS-funded.