DOSECC serves the geosciences community by planning and conducting scientific drilling projects and designing and constructing specialized drilling equipment for scientific applications.


Our international experience includes coring in modern lakes for paleoclimate studies and climate reconstruction, tectonic activity, shallow marine sampling, drilling to install monitoring equipment and deep coring for lithologic investigations, and general earth studies research.

DOSECC projects are contributing to research that is impacting how we understand our world, our future, and our daily life.

DOSECC works extensively with the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP)

DOSECC Scientific Research Projects

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Lake Challa, Kenya

Lake Challa Scientific Drilling Project

  Professor Dirk Verschuren, University of Ghent In late 2016, DOSECC will participate in the DeepCHALLA project in conjunction with the ICDP, the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program.  The project will  require our team to obtain core samples through open-water drilling on Lake Challa, a volcanic crater lake on the border of Tanzania and Kenya. […]


Preparing for Chicxulub: A Time Lapse of the Load

Preparing for a historic core drilling services project is no easy task.  Watch our team prepare the core drilling rig and all project equipment to be shipped to the Chicxulub drilling site.   Read more about this core drilling project here.