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When you need repairs, you want the job to be done right and be durable enough to stand the test of time. DOSECC Fabrication, Engineering & Welding understands the importance of having equipment and components that you can trust. Plus, we know that when things break, it can cause a frustrating, rippling effect that can bring your work to a screeching halt. That’s when our expertise will get you back on the job with the equipment you need working at top notch.

If you have metal repairs needs, we have you covered. Metal repairs require knowledge of three basic steps:

  1. Cutting and removal of the broken or cracked component
  2. Careful preparation of the area for the new part or joint
  3. Final welding and clean-up job

There are several details at each step of the process that are critical to the long-term hold of the repair. Unfortunately, not all shops attend to these details. Our team is meticulous when it comes to making a metal repair that is meant to last. We pay attention to every detail to give you a final product that you can trust will be as good as new, or even better.




With our expert preparation and skilled processes, our metal repairs hold up to highest quality standards. We never cut corners to ensure you a superior result, always at competitive prices. Our process includes:

— All damaged parts or metal are completely removed, even beyond what it visible. Any defective material left behind will only compromise the repair job.

— We take care of any necessary reinforcement, so you don’t need to battle trouble spots continually causing problems.

— Repair materials are matched for higher quality welds and durable metal repairs.

With more complex repairs, we bring our engineering team on board to ensure nothing leaves our shop without meeting our high-quality standards.

DOSECC uses a variety of welding processes selected for each individual job:

  1. Shield Metal Arc Welding/SMAW
  2. Flux Cored Arc Welding/FCAW
  3. Metal Inert Gas Welding/MIG
  4. Tungsten Arc Welding/TIG

Your DOSECC team is experienced, extensively trained and certified in these areas allowing you to have confidence that any metal repairs we do will be done right.


Get your project back on track with a superior metal repair from the experts at DOSECC Fabrication, Engineering & Welding.

Our 10,000 square foot facility gives you access to a team of experienced professionals, the top welding equipment available, and proven processes for anything you need to have done with metal. Progress in the world comes with your ideas. We are the leading company that can do anything with metal to make your ideas a reality. Whether you need original custom metalwork designed and engineered, or the most basic welding repair, DOSECC is prepared to exceed your expectations, call us today!