We specialize in deep slim hole drilling and core sampling for the evaluation of mineral deposits and geothermal and petroleum reservoirs.  We are also specialists in the collection of core samples and geotechnical data in lacustrine and shallow marine environments.  Our unique advantage is that we are applying methodology from our experience in scientific drilling and reservoir engineering analysis to improve the collection of data at a lower cost than conventional approaches (drilling of large diameter production wells). We are also known for equipment innovation through the development of specialized sampling tools and drilling systems.  DOSECC is the only company offering such a service.


How is DOSECC Different from Other Drilling Companies?

Many drilling companies across the globe are adept at collecting traditional core samples for mining applications.  However, the majority do not have the drilling depth capability that DOSECC offers, and no other company offers our capabilities for reservoir assessment. Whether drilling in a volcano, polar ice, open water, or a meteorite-impact crater, DOSECC has the geo-science driven expertise to take samples in unique geologic settings.


A Full-Service Drilling Partner

Our clients include the scientific research community, mining industry and geothermal and petroleum  companies. When the environment or conditions require unique capabilities, our engineering team is prepared to design and fabricate custom systems to carry out the project. Core drilling is then carried out by our teams to provide quality samples.  

Global Experience

While licensing is not required in all geographic locations, DOSECC is licensed in the State of Nevada and is experienced successfully and safely working with diverse teams across the globe. We specialize in building local relationships that ensure the safety and security of our teams and equipment while protecting the unique environments we are engaged to explore.


Proven Results

In our projects worldwide, we have exceeded client’s expectations and delivered an unsurpassed level of performance since 1986.  No other company offers our capabilities, our scientific rigor, or such a highly trained team of professionals.  


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